How To Take The Most Clear, Breathtaking, Majestic and Powerful Landscape Photos…..

…….Without Spending Hundreds Of Dollars On Expensive Camera Equipment, Using Any Good, Basic Digital Camera.





 From Amy Renfrey

 Redlands, Brisbane, Qld,




Dear Landscape Photography Enthusiast,


If you want to get beautiful, open, powerful and clear landscape photos using your good, basic point and shoot digital camera then this information will change the way you look at landscape photography from now on.


Getting beautiful landscape photos is not as hard as you would think actually. Sadly when the secrets of landscape photography are not applied, your landscape shots can be so very disappointing. Too often a beautiful landscape, in real life looks so stunning, so breathtaking that we just point, shoot, get home to look at the photos and and …..oh. We end up with an annoying and disappointing flat landscape shot with no depth or detail as we saw it when we were standing there in person.


That big, open, majestic feel has completely gone. So why is this?


Well you see my friend; photographing landscapes and making them look like they do in real life takes a few simple things.


When I say ‘a few simple things’ I really mean it. You can actually make your landscape photos turn out the way you want them to. (Not the way the camera does!)


I’m not talking about following a rigid set of hard-to-follow-rules. I’m talking about applying easy and inexpensive things you can do at home and on location to give commanding power and real presence to your landscape photographs.


If you want pain in the neck, hard-to-understand applications, complicated photographic jargon that will give you a headache then you won’t like what I am about to say. This stuff I am about to show you is about how to get the most professional looking landscapes in an easy-to-absorb way.


This information is seriously enlightening because I’ve got professional landscape information to share with you.


Just imagine this for a moment.......


You’re on vacation. You’ve spent a fair bit of cash getting here, and arranging to have time off work. The first place you are compelled to go to is a magnificent scene with the most beautiful landscape.


You excitedly get your camera out. You don’t rush into ‘snapping away’ as soon as you see the scene anymore. You stop and look at the light, the weather, and a few things around you.  You visualise how the landscape will look as a photo. Then you apply a few secret landscape techniques that only professionals know and then….click.


Then you eagerly press the preview button on your digital camera and….


‘Hey wait a minute!’ You think to yourself drawing in a sharp breath of anticipated excitement. ‘That looks like it actually turned out the way I imagined!”


Could it be that you have just got your ultimate landscape shot?


You can’t be sure just yet, but you have a pretty good feeling. You then finally get to a computer and display your landscape photo on the screen.


You see your landscape. You stare at it in disbelief.


“Oh my god…I did it!” There it is looking back at you…..a perfect landscape photo. You really did it. You nailed it!


All the colours are just right, in fact they look alive and have a richness about them that you saw in real life. The composition is just perfect and everything looks so incredible. You can really tell how much distance there is in the picture. There is such depth and detail.


You feel the surge of happiness, excitement and an immense feeling of achievement rushing through you. It feels so good to finally know how to be able to capture that amazing scenery. It almost feels like a special gift you’ve been given.


You want to show someone! Someone who knows how much you love landscape photography and knows how much it means to you to be able to capture the shots you want. You feel so confident, so happy, and so proud of yourself.


“I did it!” you say to yourself.


How amazing would that feel?


That, my friend, is what I am going to give you.


You’re probably wondering who I am and how I know all this stuff so specifically. Hi there my name is Amy Renfrey and I am a digital photographer. I specialise in helping people like you, to get professional looking photos with their good basic point and shoot digital cameras.


I take the professional knowledge that I have and translate the ‘hard-to-understand’ stuff into simple, easy to understand information. So that landscape photography enthusiasts like you have access to all the good information that will really help you. And not only will help you, but show you exactly how to get professional looking landscape photos, that you have always wanted.


I show you not only what to do, but how to do it, and in everyday language.


Now for the first time ever, I have compiled all my professional secrets, tricks, tips, techniques about how to take the landscape photos that you have always wanted, so that you feel confident, skilled and capable with photographing any landscape for the rest of your life.


How would you like to have all this information right now?


You can! Here it is in “Powerful Landscape Photography” an 81 page ebook that explains how you can finally discover what it takes to get the most professional looking landscape photos you’ve been dying to take.


You will find out;


  Why you don’t need a whiz bang ‘does-everything-but-make-you-coffee’ SLR digital camera to get superb landscape photos.


  The secret to bringing out beautiful natural colours. Rich greens of grass, vibrant blues of the sky, lively oranges of a sunset, warm browns of rock and earth and stunning purples and pinks of summer sunset skies.


  How to change the disappointing ‘flat line’ syndrome into a landscape that has depth, real distance and vastness.



  The well kept professional secret of why most landscapes look uninspiring, flat and what you can do to ensure this never, ever happens to you.


  Learn what makes beautiful silhouettes and how easy it is to create the ultimate silhouetted landscape photo


  How to add depth and scale working with a clever foreground method


  How you can improve the composition of your landscape photo by doing this one very, very easy technique. This has helped hundreds of people with their landscapes. I was so surprised myself to discover this years ago.



  Find out what that one single element is to creating awesome and inspiring landscape photos. You will not believe how simple this is! (I’ve just given you a clue.)


  Discover the 3 most well kept professional secrets to successful landscape photography; you have to go to Photography College for this one, because it’s not usually in books.


  Learn how certain lighting can completely ruin your landscape.


Discover how clouds can dramatically improve your landscape photograph and how you can easily work with this technique to create more of an “open space” look and feel.


  Discover the secret of which lenses are good to use, and how they work to enhance depth, space, power and distance. (You’ll be thankful for this one! This is really important.)




  Find out what the ideal light is for landscape photography is so that you get the best shots you can, every time.


And what about hard light? Haven’t we been told to avoid it like the plague? Yes we have, but I’ll show you how you can work with bright, midday, summer sunlight and still get magnificent landscape photos. Yes, there is a way! Hard light is not the enemy in this technique. (Just wait till you discover this secret! It’ll change the way you take summer landscape photos for good.)


  Why you don’t actually need bright sunlight to create the beautiful richness of colour in your landscapes. (There are actually 3 types of light, which I’ll show you.)


  You’ll also find out what THE best filters are for landscape photography. Filters can be very important for your landscape shots. I recommend one filter in particular that can seriously transform your landscape pictures into ‘perfect’ shots.




  How to successfully work with focal length & depth of field that is specific to landscapes.


  Do you want sunsets in your landscape photos without the sun underexposing everything, including loosing colour? Learn this one and you’ll be able to capture the bold purples, intense reds, lively oranges in your sunset, and keep everything else looking just right.


  Learn what problems you can encounter with taking landscape photos, such as 3 tiered landscapes. How you can avoid this common problem.


  Learn the trick to creating beautiful openness using the “Horizon Line Placement” technique.


  How to vertically position your landscapes, so they work well visually and technically. And why this works so well for landscape subjects.


  How to include ‘lonely trees’ in your landscapes to add a sense of the dramatic and sparseness. And, how to do this at dusk.




  How to shoot front-on into the direction of the sun without annoying flare.


  Why you must know what ‘real light’ and ‘how the camera interprets light’ is.


  Want to include architecture in your landscapes? Such as modern cityscapes? (Then you simply must read this section in the ebook. In this section you’ll find out what works and what definitely does not work. Just because its buildings or a human-made structure doesn’t automatically mean it will make a good photo.)


  How to take landscapes with bodies of water, such as lakes, ponds, rivers etc, so the water looks calming to the eye. 


(With this technique you’ll be able to capture a clear, reflective look in your water, as if it is a mirror. There is a wrong and a right way to do this. Don’t get caught!)



  What about your lake or pond at dusk, with all the beautiful colours reflected in the water? Easy! Follow this technique and you can’t go wrong.


  Learn the right way to capturing rainbows in your landscape photos. (This technique will make your rainbows look vibrant, clear, intensely beautiful, enabling you to see every colour band clearly.)


  Why beautiful, classy, black and white landscapes are so easy to capture. And how you can enhance the depth and magnificence using these simple techniques.




  What inexpensive tools you can use that will give you amazing effects. You won’t be able to tell that these tools are just simple everyday household items. How great is that! (This ‘tool’ cost me ten bucks at a second hand market.)


  What digital zoom is and why you should not use it for landscape photography.


  Optical Zoom for landscape? When to use it and when not to. There are specific situations when you do use it and when you don’t. 


  How to take sensational snow covered landscapes. How to avoid one common problem experienced by many winter landscape enthusiasts that can wreak your snow scapes completely.




“Powerful Landscape Photography” is an 81 page ebook that positively educates you with the best nuts and bolts, sink-your-teeth-into-it information. I know you want to get the very best results from your landscape photography which is why I would like to offer you two free gifts when you purchase.



Special FREE Gift

"Mastering Your Digital Camera"

Valued $15.90

In order to take magnificent landscape photographs, you will need to know how to use that digital camera properly. You are in control, not the camera. With your purchase, you will receive for free "Mastering Your Digital Camera."

And in this one you'll learn:


  How digital photography works for landscape photography.

  How Your Digital Camera Works. 

  What aperture, exposure, shutter speed, aliasing, aperture scale, manual focus all means, in basic, easy to understand terms.


Special FREE Gift

“Presenting Your Landscape Photos”

Valued at $19.90

But I don’t just stop there. I am also going to give you, for free, another ebook to go with it called “Presenting Your Landscape Photos”.

In this eBook you’ll learn;

  The right frame for your landscape photo

  The right colours for the frame to make the landscape look colourful and natural at the same time

  What size frame to use

  Printing your digital landscape pictures

The truth about mega-pixels (don’t be fooled into thinking you need them for picture quality. Mega pixels have absolutely nothing to to with picture quality.)

  How to save and keep digital pictures.

  And what things like “tiff” and “raw” mean.


"Powerful Landscape Photography", "Mastering Your Digital Camera" and "Presenting Your Landscape Photos" is valued at $65.77 , if sold separately.

Its yours for only .... $29.97. Now that's a good deal!


My promise to you...





If you don’t think this information will give you exactly what you need to take the digital photos you’ve always wanted to, where people stand back and say “my God, where did you learn to take shots like that” then email me and I’ll refund your money immediately.

I’m not interested in keeping your money if you are not happy. Because I want YOU to experience the same happiness and utter joy as I did when I finally learnt how to take professional standard pictures.

Amy Renfrey




But don’t take my word for it, you can read what people have said about the ebook here:


Hey Amy,

thanks great book! I really loved it, especially that part about the black and white landscapes. My landscapes have definitely improved since buying your book. I thank you very much for all your work that you put in to it."

Jan Richmond, UK



"I knew because of your other photography book that this was going to be a good one. My landscape shots are really good now thanks to the advice you give in your book. I don't get much time to do photography but when I do, I really appreciate some short cuts that are seriously helpful.

Keep me updated in all that you do.

Oh yes and thanks for explaining things in a way that is simple yet doesn't make the reader feel like a dumb idiot just because they don't know the technical stuff. So well written! I appreciate that, because I'm more a creative person than a tech-head."

Josie Mandosa, Utah, USA



"Hello Ms Renfrey.

I recently bought your landscape book and enjoyed it very much. It was very informative and helpful to the reader to say the least. I shall recommend it to many others and hopefully they will receive much enjoyment from it as I did."

 Betty C. New Zealand



"Hey Amy.

I was a bit worried about buying this book because I had had a bad experience on the internet before. But thank you for being so kind and patient and helping me to feel at ease with you even before I purchased. You really didn't have to help so much but you did. Thanks.

The landscape book is really great. I learned some fantastic stuff that I didn't know. I really loved the part on 'Mastering Your Digital Camera'. Now I am confident that my landscapes will turn out all the time especially when I go travelling. Thanks its really excellent. I wish there were more pros like you."

Georgina Johnson, South Africa


Hi Amy.

Wow, what a great book. I love the book because it’s so easy to follow and not written in some elusive photography language that only professionals understand. The photos you have used as examples are fabulous. You are the only person I know that loves to help us newbie's with their landscape photography. And I am amazed at the photos I have been getting since reading your book and applying some of the principles you told me about. Well done."   


 -Peggy Mason, Sydney Australia



"Dear Amy Renfrey,

Thanks very much for your landscape book. Its a gem. The secret about colour landscapes is great, I would never have thought to do that. My shots of the Grand Canyon are now turning out really well, since you told me about the light problem I had."

Gary Simpson, New Jersey



So don’t hesitate……unless of course you want your landscape photos to stay the same, which I know you don’t. Just click on the button below to order “Powerful Landscape Photography” today!








Amy Renfrey

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